Misdemeanor Probation Service

The mission of the Misdemeanor Probation Service is to divert misdemeanor offenders from the East Tennessee Court System and Jails, and to provide the necessary supervision and services to the offenders with the goal of reducing the probability of continual criminal behavior while reducing the over crowded jail problems and the burden on the criminal and sessions court cases throughout East Tennessee.


The program currently operates in 17 East Tennessee counties. The convicted misdemeanor offenders are sentenced to supervision as a suspended sentence, or as a suspended sentence in conjunction with incarceration, or periodic confinement.

Top 3 Goals

  1. The program goal is to help these offenders be more productive in the community by participation in a structured program that offers assistance with their daily problems and addictions.
  2. Allows them the opportunity to continue to work and support their families.
  3. Collect monies owing to the counties.
  4. Continue to operate at no cost to the counties, state federal fund or the taxpayers.

Explanation of Services

The Misdemeanor Probation Program developed as a result of the efforts of the Honorable Judge James E. Beckner and Mr. Gordon Acuff, former ETHRA Executive Director. Beckner and Acuff identified a continuing need for supervised probation of offenders on a more intense level than authorized previously by the Tennessee Code Annotated. This need arose out of the change in reducing felonies to misdemeanor offenses by the 1989 Reducing Sentence Law. This unique program allowed for intense supervision of misdemeanor probationers for the first time in Tennessee history. Even more unique, the program was established to operate entirely without cost to the county, state or federal government or taxpayers.

The misdemeanor program offers legal and liability coverage and program financial collection reports to the judges, courts and clerks and county mayors. If requested by the courts the program provides: electronic monitoring (24 hour coverage), curfew checks, alcohol and drug screening, GED schools, psychological evaluations, monitoring of community service work, DUI school, self esteem and character development, domestic violence counseling and monitoring of victims, Tennessee Driving Improvement program, monitoring the collection of court costs and fines, monitoring the restitution paid to victims, job enhancement programs, monitoring job search and wage verification, and monitoring all conditions as ordered by the courts.

Number of Persons Served

Currently the program serves approximately 4,000 clients in the 15-county area.

Counties Served

3rd Judicial District: Greene, Hamblen, Hancock, and Hawkins. 4th Judicial District: Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson and Sevier. 8th Judicial District: Campbell, Claiborne, and Union. 9th Judicial District: Loudon, Meigs, Morgan and Roane.

For More Information Please Contact: Judy Brewer at (423) 587-6511 or by E-mail at JBrewer@ethra.org