The oversite structure for ETHRA is established through The Human Resource Agency Act of 1973.  The duties and the members of the governing bodies are identified within that legislation.  The 9 HRAs statewide follow the same board structure. 

The Policy Council members meet monthly (normally on the second Tuesday) and include sixteen providers, sixteen resource representatives, and two members from the General Assembly.  Members are selected by their respective County and City Mayors and confirmed by the Council.

The Board of Directors meets annually and includes every City Mayor and every County Mayor, plus two members from the General Assembly.

Board and Council meetings are held in coordination with the East Tennessee Development District.  This combined meeting offers members a wider opportunity to discuss issues concerning the 16 county governments.

Special advisory groups provide an important community partnership link with the Executive Director.  They include Workforce LWIA4, Mountain Valley Economic Opportunity Authority, Council on Aging and Disability, Ryan White Consortium, and Correctional Services.

2016 Policy Council and Board Officers
Chair Terry Frank
Anderson County Mayor



Vice Chair Johnny Merritt
Luttrell City Mayor


Secretary E. L. Morton
Campbell County Mayor
Image result for picture of ron woody roane county mayor's office
Treasurer Ron Woody
Roane County Mayor


ETHRA Financial Audits and Reports